you know those days when it feels like the universe has been created merely to facilitate your every whim, like everything you endeavor magically manifests and all falls into place without the slightest bit of effort on your part?

you do? well, today was NOT one of those days at chez sass. today was multiple-toilet-roll-worthy crap!

the s.o. and i are having a major disagreement about my intended trip to l.a.. i need to go and initiate divorce proceedings and clean out (button up) my storage unit and just generally, regenerate. he thinks that i’m being irresponsible, spending money that i don’t really have. except that i will not be using my south african accounts when i go on this trip (they wouldn’t get me very far!). fact is, whenever i’ve thought about making the final payment on my provisional booking, it’s felt like my entire being breathes a sigh of relief and at the same time expands to place a sloppy wet kiss of gratitude on the big wide bowl of  the infinite sky.

and yet. he makes me question this overwhelming urge i have to get on that plane. yes, i need to get to my gynae (haven’t had a pap smear since my last visit 18 months ago), i need to get my eyes checked by my regular optometrist and figure out why i’ve been getting these migraines, i *need* to strap on my roller-blades and go flying down the bike path in venice. i *need*  a bowl of honey bunches of oats with vanilla rice milk. i *need* sushi from something’s fishy in the valley and thai food from cholada thai on the pch at the bottom of topanga canyon. i *need* to make sure my little rav with the plates that say “SASSS” hasn’t been driven to death by my about-to-be ex-husband, i  *NEED*  to visit my ex-home, topanga and see my beloved patty and amy and barb and rachel and eve, etc. etc. i *need* to put on some crazy outfits and shake my bootie at a burner party. i *need* to go home to the playa and burning man. last i got the chance to go, was right before i started this show, 4 years ago. i’ve already been accepted into a conclave (groups which practice all year to spin fire at bm) which means i’d again be spinning fire infront of the man the night of the burn.

i *need* to do all those things and more, but the reality is also that i’m on the verge of starting a new business. i’m not sure where my next acting work will come from after i leave binnelanders. basically, the future is really uncertain. and yet, i feel this need to go and re-fuel. i am feeling sooo spent after being on this show for the last 4 years, and i haven’t realized it till just recently. i always thought that it was my job that kept me tied, that kept me from returning to the states. now i’m about to be “untethered”, but i’m bound in other ways; the s.o., my house, my dogs, though it feels like i won’t be able to face the very questionable future without an l.a. infusion. and maybe that means i’m spoilt. i don’t know. i find it hard to justify and at the same time there is this unwavering urge to get on that plane. it feels like  i’ll finally be free again.

most of this probably makes no sense if you don’t know anything about burning man or los angeles. i sat down to write a post about “something” and just whizzed off on this particular tangent which  i guess, means that this is what’s on my mind right now.

so thank you for indulging me and wish me luck figuring it all out. i’m still trusting the universe… “come to the egg and fry!” *snort*
check out this song, “homesick” – by one of my favorite bands, kings of convenience

cause I no longer know
where home is…”

p.s. one of the myriad other things that made today crap was discovering my agent had allowed my voice-bank membership to lapse, which explains why i’ve not been getting any voice-over work lately. endless pain-in-the-ass phone-calls and an internet payment later, i’m finally back on.

however, it made me look into putting some of my voice-clips on my resume’ web-site, but then i realized that when i had my computer seen to, the guy hadn’t replaced 2 essential programs i need to update my sites and now i’d have to pay for both of them. and i was stuck home with my car in for a service. i won’t bore you with the details, but i now have some clips up on my (very basic – i’m no web-guru) site.(written thursday night)

4 thoughts on “home-sick…

  1. Wanna borrow my shoes???? Apparently with Ruby shoes any destination is just a click of the heels away 🙂 *hugs* Thinking of you sweetheart!

    • thanks for that reminder! and you’re right! i just found a ticket for two days later which costs R500 less, so i’ve booked it! only provisionally, but it has to be paid before the end of the day and it’s too good to pass on! =)

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