vox pops in the voting line

on wednesday i mentioned that i had, on the spur of the moment,  recorded some  vox pops to pass the time while waiting in line to vote. it was the very first time i was recording footage that i planned to download and edit, so imagine my dismay when i discovered that i’d recorded everything sideways!

something which was supposed to be spontaneous fun, meant to capture the moment, turned into a huge shlep.

first, i discovered that i needed special software (netatatalk) to access the footage on my iphone and then download it. i found out how to do that here. it involved installing some apps, but that link takes you to a very detailed account of how to do it. thanks simonsblog.

that took me a minute. *understatement*

once i’d downloaded all the files, i then made the above discovery that i’d recorded everyone sideways. more googling, which led me to a very helpful article on link think which walked me through changing the orientation using quick time pro (which also led me to a youtube vid telling you how to get quick time pro for free – though i already had it).

that took another minute. *ahem*

then i had to edit down about 20 minutes of footage – and i’m no editor. the most editing i’ve ever done, has been putting up my various hooping and fire videos. the footage is jerky, the sound is *dreadful* for the first part as it was recorded in the wind outside and there was no way of knowing that while i was recording. also, my interviewing technique is non-existent and i cringe listening to myself – “so…”, “so…”, “so…”….

oh well,  all those disclaimers aside, here it is, while we wait for the votes to be counted – even though the result is pretty much a forgone conclusion; vox pops in the voting line. recorded on my iphone. editing in imovie 6 on my powerbook. song by sharon jones and the dap-kings from blacktronic 2. and one of the interviewees insisted on interviewing me, so you get to hear me somewhat grammatically incorrect sounding off.

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