x marks the spot

ok, i did it! got my ass into the voting line (except there wasn’t one!) and cast my vote. time from my car and back – 7 minutes!  i know there’s been a bit of controversy about choosing not to vote also being a valid choice, but my vote is precious to me. i waited long enough before i had the right to make my X and yet i’ve only had the opportunity to vote twice before now. once in 1994 when i lived in l.a., after which i lost my vote – yet again. then i got to vote again in our last elections here in johannesburg.

so, i went and i made my vote count. i hope you did too.

p.s. unless you want to walk around with a black stripe down your nail for the next month, do what i did – put on some clear nail polish and some remover will take it right off!


vox pops in the voting line

on wednesday i mentioned that i had, on the spur of the moment,  recorded some  vox pops to pass the time while waiting in line to vote. it was the very first time i was recording footage that i planned to download and edit, so imagine my dismay when i discovered that i’d recorded everything sideways!

something which was supposed to be spontaneous fun, meant to capture the moment, turned into a huge shlep.

first, i discovered that i needed special software (netatatalk) to access the footage on my iphone and then download it. i found out how to do that here. it involved installing some apps, but that link takes you to a very detailed account of how to do it. thanks simonsblog.

that took me a minute. *understatement*

once i’d downloaded all the files, i then made the above discovery that i’d recorded everyone sideways. more googling, which led me to a very helpful article on link think which walked me through changing the orientation using quick time pro (which also led me to a youtube vid telling you how to get quick time pro for free – though i already had it).

that took another minute. *ahem*

then i had to edit down about 20 minutes of footage – and i’m no editor. the most editing i’ve ever done, has been putting up my various hooping and fire videos. the footage is jerky, the sound is *dreadful* for the first part as it was recorded in the wind outside and there was no way of knowing that while i was recording. also, my interviewing technique is non-existent and i cringe listening to myself – “so…”, “so…”, “so…”….

oh well,  all those disclaimers aside, here it is, while we wait for the votes to be counted – even though the result is pretty much a forgone conclusion; vox pops in the voting line. recorded on my iphone. editing in imovie 6 on my powerbook. song by sharon jones and the dap-kings from blacktronic 2. and one of the interviewees insisted on interviewing me, so you get to hear me somewhat grammatically incorrect sounding off.

making my mark

it’s election day in south africa and i’m sure the entire seffrican blogosphere has little else on it’s mind.

first and last time i got to vote in the ZA elections, was 1994. i got up out of a post-op-recovery bed and gladly went to stand in line on the sidewalk  infront of the ZA consul in l.a. to vote for the very first time. and like virtually everyone else, my tick went next to the picture of nelson mandela, south africa’s favorite son. long may he live.

next two elections, what with living in l.a., my newly conferred voting status had evaporated. so this time, even though in theory it should be my 4th trip to the voting booth, is only the second time i get to make my mark in the ZA elections (i’m fortunate enough to hold dual citizenship, so i’m very proud to say that i helped make the change which put barack obama in the white house).

i must say that even though the wind was like icy knives slicing through everyone, i really quite vicerally connected to being able to vote in my motherland for the first time. last time i only saw pictures of the lines snaking endlessly. this time, i was part of it. and proud to exercise my hard-fought-for right to make my mark.

i’m such a dweeb wannabe nerd though! i passed some of the hour and a half waiting in line to vote by chatting to my neighbors in line and by doing random vox pop interviews which i recorded on my iphone. being the first time using the cycorder app, i only discovered afterwards that i had recorded all the interviews sideways. (this after discovering that i needed special software to download said video from the phone to my computer – netatalk). and i don’t have the requisite software to change the orientation of the video (only have imovie6, will have to upgrade powerbook to power imovie7 or higher).  *pounds head in frustration*  so now i cannot decide whether to post it regardless and have people cricking their necks to view, or just chalk it up to experience.

anyway… see it’s not just another straight-forward election post! 😉

that said, here’s my election story in (still) pictures.

the voting line at westdene rec centre

the voting line at westdene rec centre

comfortable shoes in the voting line. clever.

comfortable shoes in the voting line. clever.


instructions on the door to the voting hall

ballot papers

ballot papers

my mark

my mark

my reward - free coffee from wimpy

my reward - free coffee from wimpy