careful who you flash…

so this morning i surf over to fellow (and awesome) blogger, po’s site and read her very erudite post on south african expats. as is not unusual on the web, i wind up surfing on elsewhere through a link which leads me to SAROCKS, a SABA award winning blog. i couldn’t believe my eyes when there, on the front page of the blog, albeit a lot smaller, was the same pic i had posted of myself in honor of cancer awareness. on my blog. on cleavage day. anonymous. uncredited. unlike iMod who credited the mod’ded version i sent him for his blog on cleavage day.

now, i’ve had content lifted off my site before. i’ve  found posts i’d written on other blogs, but those blogs consisted obviously of entirely plagiarized content. i just find it odd that  a recognized, “accredited” blogger would use my pic without crediting it. look i don’t know nic. i haven’t read his blog before, though, yes, i have also just returned to blogging and reading blogs from a 4 month hiatus.  and, admittedly, this is the internet – one never knows where what you post might land up, so he might have found it somewhere else. i grant that. i just find it very disturbing. and yes, i have used pix off  the internet for some of my posts, but i try to always acknowledge where they come from.


screengrab from SAROCKS

this is the comment i posted on his blog:

hmn….. hey nic

imagine my surprise surfing over here from a fellow blogger’s site and finding on the front page of your site, a picture of me (albeit faceless), the same pic that i put up in a post about national cleavage day on my blog! no link to my post, just my picture, uncredited – and reposted. and even though i posted the same pic on iMod’s blog about cleavage day, i know that this was lifted from my blog, because the pic on iMod’s blog was modified. i find that a little strange and unexpected from a SABA -winning blog.i don’t so much mind the fact that you posted it, it’s just weird that you would do so without crediting the origin. i guess this is just another example of how little control we have over the things we put out on the web.


so  be careful what you put out there folks. you have no idea just where it might land up!


nic and i have e-mailed each other and all is resolved. i see his point that a direct email would have been much more appropriate and that i might have over-reacted. he removed the pic and apologized and i apologized for not contacting him first. though i did forget to ask where he got the pic.  in retrospect i realize that i followed exmi’s lead and put the pic up on  – though it did say, cybersass supports …etc.

anyhoo…bottom line is, all resolved.

everybody have  a fantastic and safe long-weekend, happy passover, easter or whatever other holiday i might have missed. i’m off to splash in the fen for the first time – now if this sore throat will just quit!

be safe on the roads if you’re driving folks! see ya on the other side!

2 thoughts on “careful who you flash…

  1. Wow Ms Sass (name is not an ironic play on words I see).

    It’s such a pity that you reacted in such a way.

    I’ve solved your problem. Thanks for the irrational comments, blog post and tweets. I appreciate that you care about your content but I think you severely mishandled the situation.

    Your cleavage has been removed from my site.

  2. I think that people have to assume that what they publish online could wind up anywhere. It is still important to take issue with people who do use that stuff without permission though. Just bear in mind what could happen to the content before you publish it.

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