my cups runneth over…

ok. it’s National Cleavage Day here in South Africa.

and the SA Blog Awards are announcing their winners today. not that it affects me one little bit, seeing that i’ve sadly neglected my corner of the blogosphere since the end of last year.

yes, bad sass, spanking required.

though, come to think of it, even if i hadn’t allowed the weeds to grow , the SABA probably still wouldn’t affect me. though you know us bloggers, we all want a nice little pat on the back, ruffle of the hair, some praise or recognition… yeah, i admit it.

but i thought, today would as good a day as any to start up again. so, in honor of national cleavage day, in the fight against breast cancer, here’s my contribution.

happy national cleavage day folks!

happy national cleavage day folks!classic!

today is the one day it doesn’t matter if you don’t talk to the face, guys! 😉

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