25 random things about me…

yeah, it’s been quiet around here, i know.

there’s just too much going on in the real world to find the time to sit down and blog about it. i’m working monday to friday, pretty much 7 to 7 and then having to learn words at night and prepare for the next day. and doing way too much of #17 below. so, in lieu of a real post, here’s a meme which has been doing the rounds on facebook and which i finally responded to after being tagged a few times.
if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

1. when i was little i sucked my index and middle fingers. my gran would tie little green bags around my hands at night in order to stop me, but i was so determined, i would use my teeth to untie the knots and in the morning they’d find me with 2 fingers in my mouth! (less about that, the better!)
2. i used to lisp really badly. so much so, that i went to speech therapy in order to try to correct it. it improved, but you can still sometimes hear it. “my name is thandi schulth”.
3. i had a gap between my two front teeth, but i got braces when i was in my 30’s. i still wear a retainer/grind guard at night.
4. i’m a qualified high school teacher. my mom thought i needed “something to fall back on”.
5. my mom used to tell me that i have a nose like a blob of dough in the middle of my face.
6. though probably 95% of my relationships have been with men, i have been passionately, and painfully, in love with a woman.
7. i used to be in a band called “mining town cowboys”.
8. i play the guitar, but after almost 30 years, still don’t know how to tune without a tuner.
9. i have over 60 songs i’ve written and still need to record. one day. i also write poetry. it’s kinda involuntary.
10. i have 2 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters i didn’t know existed till i was 14 years old. oh yeah, and the dad that came with them!
11. i am an incest survivor. from ages 4 to 16.
12. i’m younger now than i was before.
13. i played magenta in the rocky horror picture show for a year.
14. towards the end of that run, a man broke into my house in the middle of the night and raped me at knife-point.
15. since 1993, i have been married to the actor, **** ******, but we’ve been separated since 2003. i think we’re better friends now though.
16. even though i’m still married i was sort of “engaged” last year, before we broke up for the umpteenth time.
17. since i started acting in this soap, i’ve learnt to, sort of, cry on cue. which is remarkable, cause i could barely cry for myself before.
18. i’ve pretty much been on most of the continents.
19. i like to knit and crochet and sew. i’m pretty good at making things with my hands.
20. i drove a motorcycle for 5 years before i learnt to drive a car.
21. i only learnt to drive when i was 25.
22. i played dorothy in the wizard of oz.
23. the first part i got in l.a., was a cameo opposite jim carey in the second ace ventura, but the scene got edited out.
24. i’m passionate about hoop-dancing which i first learnt to do when i was 36.
25. i still regard l.a. as home. one day i’m gonna click my heels…

3 thoughts on “25 random things about me…

  1. Wow sass. I really enjoyed reading that. You have led a fascinating and intense life. When I read that you survived incest I still freak ouT. You are a strong lady

  2. As somebody who has dealt with sexual abuse and incest, I think it is amazing that you are so open about it. I carry my burden with me every day. One day I hope to have the strength and bravery you have.

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