this city is making me sick…

i think i’m allergic to johannesburg. must be. i have never suffered as chronically from sinus and upper respiratory infections as i have  in the past 3 years since i moved here from l.a..

my sore throat started coming back yesterday afternoon. this morning, utilizing a flashlight and mirror revealed the cause of  my unhappiness; angry red welts lining the back of my throat as a result of my incessant post nasal drip. i realized i needed another trip to the doctor. she thinks my chronic infections are caused by johannesburg’s dust, pollen and all the construction happening in the run-up to 2010. and i’m not allowed to run on the track for at least the next week because she thinks it will exacerbate the infection. 

see, i have to make plans to get out of here! i can be facetious and say i don’t swallow, but that’s only because my throat’s too f$%^ing sore! urgh!

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