sheebee meme tag

sheebee  over at “if these wall could talk” tagged everyone who read her post today to finish this meme.

* Two names you go by:  

1.          sass 

2.          sandi

*Two things you’re wearing right now: 

1.          new maxi summer dress from woolworths shopping spree (hey, it’s pay-day! ;-))

2.          my favorite funky brown knit cover-up

* Two things you want very badly at the moment: 

1.           for my throat to not be so sore.

2.           to be at burning man! 

Two things you did last night: (significant)  

1.            went to cool runnings to see my friend cindi sampson’s spoken word night.

 2.           went to bed too late.


* Two things you ate today  

1.            ostrich biltong

2.            pronutro  

* Two people you last spoke to:  

1.           my skinny-assed friend, simon tsu.

 2.          lasz, my bf.

*Two things you’re doing this weekend: 

1.          reading scripts.

 2.         learning words.

Two longest car rides:  

1.        l.a. to burning man, black rock city,  nevada.

 2.      cape town to windhoek.

Two favorite beverages: 

1.        bundaberg diet ginger beer

2.        jaegermeister

so if you’re reading this, “tag, you’re it!”. either leave it in a comment or put it on your blog>

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