back to work

day 6 since my micro-laser peel. yesterday i leave on the bismuth subgallate all day. i take the pulmison (south african version of prednisone) yesterday morning, last night and again this morning. when i wake at around 4a.m. after nearly passing out on a combo of  dormicum to sleep and  cough syrup which i’ve taken to ease my burning lungs, i can see that the swelling has gone down considerably. 


after my shower. the area under my eyes starts drawing really tight and i reapply some vaseline.










 i wait till i get to work, before i wash off the rest of the yellow powder and vaseline. everything looks much better, but there’s still a certain amount of crustiness. i’m feeling extremely shaky and my lungs seem to be sand-papered.






angi works wonders on my face. she sprays opsite around my eyes to protect against infection and then very carefully applies my make-up. there’s still a certain amount of crustiness, but it’s well disguised. i’m still somewhat moon-faced, but it’s so much better than i could have hoped.





i look different, somehow, but not that bad.








it actually doesn’t look bad on screen. fortunately my scenes aren’t that long and my character is supposed to be getting ill. the problem is that my throat is starting to hurt like hell, i’m starting to hack, my lungs feel scorched and i’m feverish. for real.

i think it’s taken my last reserves to heal from this infection and the flu which never quite went away, is back with a vengeance. 

now i’m in the green room waiting for my next scenes – i’m trying to dose myself to the gills with degoran, echinacea and vitamin c to boost my immune system. 

“this too shall pass, ” i keep telling myself. i’m so tired of being sick. i set the intention that my body may heal. now i wait.

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