what was i thinking?!

i wake up this morning – 5 days after my micro-laser peel and periorbital resurfacing – and as i’m washing off the antiseptic powder around my eyes, i realize that putting make-up on today would be insanity. the swelling has gone down considerably, though i’m still moon-faced, looking like i’m wearing a polynesian mask and  the orbital area is still crusty. being in the raw takes on a whole new meaning!

i call CENSORED only to discover that he wanted me to keep the powder in place. i don’t think he has any idea of the fact that even the tiniest blemish shows up 1000 times magnified under the studio lights.

i call magda, the production manager. it really sucks because i know how disruptive this is to the production schedule, but i think that it will be crazy for me to shoot today. after what happened saturday night, i realize that i run the risk of getting even further infected. magda’s not happy, but knows that this was unforeseen.

i feel so foolish.

i turn on the tv and leona lewis is singing, “it’ll all get better with time”.

i hope so – and sooner than later, because time is not on my side.

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