Bcc 101

can i be a little pissy here for a minute please and just say how much i HATE receiving mass emails which don’t use bcc (otherwise known as blind carbon copy)?! 

i know you didn’t sign up for this class, but here, let me show you how it’s done: bcc 101 –

if you’re going to send me an e-mail non-specific to me, then at least do me a favor and don’t send my address around for the entire internet and specifically, spamsters, to see. i’ve been around the www, and had the same address since 1994, so i get my fair share of spam – i really don’t need more missives about how my small penis might benefit from a particular product (b.t.w – how did you know?!). i might really want to hear about your event, but then, damn it, keep my address private! 

ok, pissy little hissy-fit over.

we now return to our regular programming…

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