forgive me father farther, i have SINNED. it’s been 7 days since my last confession run. that infernal devil injury to my hip has kept me from getting closer to you. but i REPENT. i am back in the fold. hallelujah! HALLELUJAH! 

ok, so i don’t mean to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities, but that’s a little bit what it feels like. i’m just back from my first run in a week this morning. a very slow contemplative one in which i kept my stride length in check, monitored my hip and legs for any pain (ok so i might have ignored some of it), and got through 5k’s. and i confess. i liked it! (shhhh, don’t tell anybody!) 🙂

it feels so good to be moving again. especially since the fact that i couldn’t run, compounded by all the social wining and dining events lately, left me heavier than i’ve EVER been in my life (and no, the numbers on my scale are nobody’s embarrassing business, but mine!).

after threatening to do it all year, we finally had a day-long publicity shoot sprung on us yesterday, right when i’m feeling like jabba once again. i reluctantly had to resort to a 2-day master cleanse in order to look a little less like the michelin man. you start your day with a liter of salt water after which you’re glued to the white throne for the next hour and a half while it drains right through you. you then proceed to drink only a concoction of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for the rest of the day. rinse and repeat. for 10 whole days! (i’ve done the master cleanser a number of times before, and i  don’t recommend it. you look FANTASTIC after 10 days of near starvation and hell, but it completely screws up ones metabolism and pretty soon you’re piling it all back on).

venusmichelin.jpgthis image so perfectly illustrates how i’ve been feeling! at least the michelin man is losing some of his spare tyres and the venus is morphing. somewhat!

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