back on track….


literally. sort of. today, a post about running, the original catalyst for this blog, though one long superceded by other minutiae. or lately, some rather momentous events here on the southern-most  tip of africa.

went back to the track today after 2 weeks off. have really been taking people’s advice to heart (my heart!) about not exercising when suffering from respiratory illness, so i’ve avoided damage to my heart muscle.  my scale, on the other hand, might just have sustained some damage in the last 14 days!

anyway, i ran 10 laps, 4kms. could’ve gone for 5k’s, but i thought it would be better to start off easy. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i actually enjoyed it, even though i must admit to procrastinating before-hand. i think i actually missed it! chatted to maria mutola who was also training on the wet track. she leaves for oregon tomorrow and soon for europe to prepare for the olympics.
new discovery; mesh top shoes make for wet feet when it’s been raining. not pleasant. and yes, it’s raining in johannesburg, way beyond the rainy season! climate change, anyone?



Mercury, Divine Messengerand for those of you who believe in it, as well as for those who don’t, be warned, mercury’s gone retrograde and will only return on july 4th. independence day! i’ve had people pshaw me when i’ve told them about mercury retrograde and how it can affect one. they soon changed their tune after some personal experience, though!

watch what you say and how you say it. expect travel delays, communication mishaps, electronic glitches, etc.

more info here.

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