down, though not yet out…

today i am feeling VERY sorry for myself.

all of yesterday i walked around feeling like jabba the hut. (nobody at work seemed to know to whom -* jeez, i’m pedantic! *- i was referring- totally outside the frame of reference of those young make up girls and actresses!). anyway, said feeling inspired me to race home after my last scene (we were ahead of schedule for once) which got me to the track just before 5.30p.m.

with “the sanfrancisco sessions” on my ipod, i set off round the track at a fairly fast clip for me. within half a lap i was gasping, the cold night air singeing my lungs. breathing through my mouth didn’t give the frigid air time to warm up and my lungs were battling.

still, i soldiered on. in fact, felt like i was running faster than usual. i don’t know if i miscounted, but my run ended up being about a minute twenty slower than my last 5k’. either i ran 13 & 1/2 laps or i was really so much slower.

also, on about lap 8, i got a sudden stitch under my right rib. i ran with both arms up for a little while, feeling incredibly silly, like i was in my own private game of cops and robbers, but eventually i just settled into the discomfort. then on lap 9 or so, i got a spasm on the outside of my right hip. WTF? why there?! anyway, i finished off my run. 

and then the coughing started. 
and wouldn’t stop. 
for the rest of the night. 

a warm bath, my mother’s boegoe-brandy muti she made when she was here last, some hot tea and quite a few hours later, it abated somewhat. this morning (up at the crack, yet again!) i was already out of the make-up chair when i realized that i was REALLY not well. sneezing, sore throat, heavy head (oh yeah, forgot to mention the egg on my fore-head which still hurts after i ascertained that the wall was an immovable object when i tried to look out the window last night!). i muddled my way through my one scene, then came home, took a voltaren for my hip, a degoran for my head, made a pot of rooibos tea with aniseed, fresh ginger, lemon and cinnamon and passed out.

now rushing back to the studio for the last scene of the day.

and if you hadn’t guessed it, i’m not running today.

One thought on “down, though not yet out…

  1. i think you write very interestingly. you have a way with words, making a run sound so verrrryyyyy interesting!

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