randburg runner

yesterday i took a trip to randburg runner for a little chat with a guy called tony. tony no longer runs much, but has many miles behind him, including a few comrades and two oceans among other marathons. well, if you need running shoes and advice, go see tony. he gave me a few pairs of shoes to try on and then watched me running up and down the passage way in order to check my gait. it was a toss up between a pair of asics and some nikes. it was hard to choose, but i finally went with the nike triax’s because  they felt supportive underfoot and yet the top of my foot felt unrestricted.

i headed from there to try out my new shoes on the treadmill at the gym (my first trip there in what feels like months). i can’t say that it felt much easier than the track, though the new treadmills with built in  tv monitors at least provided  some distraction. it’s too soon to tell whether the pain in my lower legs will go away with the new shoes. 
today started at 5.30a.m. which made a morning run impossible and then once i got home, i needed to spend ages on the phone trying to get my modem set up which precluded an evening run. i’ll have to make up for it tomorrow. still aiming for that 5k on sunday.

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