week 3 – part of the lost post

so sunday was my day off from the track. seeing that it’s closed on sundays makes that a no-brainer, i suppose and seeing that i’ve developed almost an allergy to going to the gym , going and running on the treadmill wasn’t exactly an option. besides i needed some recovery time. and the weekend was hectic. had to get the puppy’s kennel. oh yes, at the same time as i started running, i also, at my brother’s insistenct, got a boerboel puppy. his dogs just had 13 puppies and he insisted that i got this particular one and so he booked her a flight from cape town and sent her flying!

i was so apprehensive while i was driving to the airport. the last time i had a puppy, i was probably 8 and when she got run over by a car, i never recovered. i never wanted to get that attached to an animal again. ok, so i’ve fallen in love since then, with dogs who didn’t live with me, but this was going to be the first canine i was responsible for. ever! one day later and i was entirely puppy-whipped. i’ve joined the leagues of those who dote on their 4-legged friends and who take hundreds of photographs of every little move they make.
ok. she’s bloody naughty, chews everything, pisses and shits everywhere (though is beginning to get that she has to do it in the garden) and she’s growing at a rate of knots. 1/2kg in 2 days. she keeps me awake at night and wakes me way too early. i’m in love.

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