time for nothing


strange how time can flex

contracting and expanding
at will
sometimes it’s candy gobbled
with a fat-faced greed
disappearing with
a speed that makes one spin
other times
the day
stretches into infinity
like treacle
elastic and sticky
and the clock stays stuck
for hours at the
same face you perused
but a minute ago


take everything
leave nothing behind
nothing that looks or smells
or tastes like you
leave no reminder
that once i held you in regard
that once i gave you haven in my heart
take everything
i want nothing to remind

i do not wish to find a single trace
of what a fool i was
i do not want to face the fact
that what i got from you
was nothing
so yes
take everything
leave nothing behind

my precioussss

it’s july 2nd.

if you hadn’t noticed yet, we’re in the second half of the year folks! how time flies when you’re having fun.

or not!

talking about not having fun: i think that big ol’ many-tentacled monster called depression has so slowly, so imperceptibly, one little slimy sucker at a time, loosened it’s grip, that i hadn’t even noticed that i’m feeling better. it’s like night succumbing so slowly to day that you don’t even notice the transition. it just suddenly is. so. much. lighter.

and i like it so much better than dwelling in those other dingy places.

in fact i’m feeling so much better, i’m actually looking forward to something. the countdown begins! 10 days till the iphone 3g is released – a little bit longer before we get it here in south africa and i can’t wait! 

oh my preciousss, sass wantsssssssssssssss-sessssssssssssssssssss… 

(insert psychopathic drool here).