hallowed be…

at the  traffic light the other day stands a young man with a battered cardboard sign.

“hallow friends,” read the first 2 words of his missive and the critic in me, the wanna-be spelling bee queen, the english teacher that i’m qualified to, but never will be, immediately goes, “ha! spelling mistake!”. then i’m stopped dead in my tracks. ok, so i was already stopped at the light, but you get my point.

“hallow friends”… i try out the words in my mind. i form them and feel them in my mouth and they are suddenly words which make my aura, in fact, my whole world,  expand.

according to dictionary.com, this is what hallow means


  1. To make or set apart as holy.
  2. To respect or honor greatly; revere.

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so according to that, “hallow friends” would mean, “friends who are blessed and holy and who i respect and honor greatly. friends who i revere.” what a truly fantastic way to view one’s friends – because aren’t they the family we’ve chosen? the ones we’ve picked to be part of our lives?

amazing what happens when we allow our perspective to shift. one moment i saw a “spelling mistake”, next moment i recognized the profound and i had a much better day for it. so i’d like to thank that fellow for turning on a lightbulb for me at the traffic light.

and “hallow friends”…