pandora’s box(es)

so i got to l.a. and literally hit the ground running. spent days driving for hours, spent hours in the storage unit sorting through, pulling stuff, and all of this while battling jet-lag.

other than the friends who’s house i’m squatting at, i’ve seen one of my friends and spoken to 2 others on the phone.

it took me about a week to realize that i was actually feeling really stressed and anxious and that the reality is that i’m not on holiday. i’m here to sort my life out and part of why i’m stressed is that my life has been neatly boxed and put away and now as i go through things, it’s exploding not very nicely or politely or with any consideration for anyone or anything, pandora’ing all over the place.

if you have any doubt, let me say unequivocally,  it’s not comfortable. i don’t like such chaos and i stress about the amount of time i have here and being able to deal with everything in that time-frame. reality is that i have to either:

  • ship what i really want to keep
  • sell that which i don’t (if i can)
  • or give it away

it’s like moving house all over again. not one of my favorite things. i guess i didn’t realize that i had it so good when i was a student with a bed, a lamp, a bookshelf and a cassette player.

tell me again why it is that kids want to be grown ups!?