f2f with @oxymoronic

ok, it might seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but even though i’m an actress, sometimes  i can be  really shy.

put me on a stage with thousands and i’m fine. put me round a dinner table with a handful of new faces and i’m a good conversationalist. i can charm you and keep you entertained, i promise. and yet, i don’t do well in rooms full of people i don’t know.

and i was reminded of this, again, tonight.

i’d decided to go to the jhb tweet-up i guess because i wanted to make the virtual real. i follow a few people on twitter (187 to be exact!) and i’ve even picked some cool friends from my twitter stream, admittedly all bloggers, cos you know, bloggers are cool like that. 😉  they share my affinity for words seemingly carelessly slung together, yet in many respects, carefully crafted.

i’d asked @shebeegee (another consummate crafter of the english lexicon) to give me a ride as i was meeting the bf there and it didn’t make sense for us both to drive back separately. come 6 pm however, faced with the reality of a roomful of 90, i’m sure very nice,  geeks, most of whom i’ve never met before, i got a horrible case of stage-fright. ms gates however promptly tossed my arm to the floor after twisting it right off and an hour later stopped by to pick me up. we proceeded on a minor (de)tour of sandton with @jkretzmer providing gps back-up, but eventually chanced upon the tweet-up. 😉 (thanks sheens, you’re a star!)

i was delighted to see  @singlesyllable and  @rubyletters,  great gals  with whom i’ve previously spent some f2f time and @shebeegee was kind enough to keep checking to make sure i was ok. she introduced me to a few new faces and  i got to meet @sezleigh, @bergenlarsen and @timlunn, all cool folks.

when @lasz1 finally arrived, i’m not proud to say it, but we dropped the she and the gee  and simply made  a bee-line for the exit not too long after. so, i’m sorry, even though i like you geeks and i love floating around the perimeter of geekville, do you mind if our first-time f2f meetings takes place in groups of fewer than 10?*

*and do note that i used the words “fewer than”, not “less than” (pet peeve), seeing that less is an unquantified amount and fewer is something one can actually count. and all of you really do count.

(ok, so i guess i am a closet nerd, but why, oh y am i such a moron with an ox?)