i have been the proverbial headless chicken these last few weeks, running from one appointment to another, doing survivor interviews, working long days at the studio, making trips to buy fabric and to the factory to develop new patterns and place production orders. amongst other things.

and in the middle of this i had the disaster of changing isp’s and wound up without internet service at home for something like 10 days. for a junkie like me, horror of horrors!!!. and of course, now that i’ve cancelled mweb because of their pricing, they’ve gone and announced uncapped internet for a fairly decent price. this after i had to drive back and forth to the  high-heeled, one-legged fairy that is greg nietzsky, so that he could unblock my mweb router so i could use it with my new afrihost account.

anyway, this probably means very little to most people and i really just wanted to check in and say yes, i’m still here. sort of. my head hasn’t quite exploded, it just feels like it has. it gets a little boring saying that i don’t have time, or that i’m too busy, but i guess it’s the truth. i’m all awhirl… feels like i’m caught in the spin cycle… i’m even contemplating employing a friend to be an all-round assistant to help me with my clothing line and just generally help with all the stuff i never have time to get round to. but now that we’re back online, i’ll try to be a little more proactive about my sadly neglected blog.

and before i go, i just need to say that i got invited to my friend verity’s place last night, with some other cool friends i’ve made through her and she served the most incredible meal. i can’t remember when last i ate a dinner that amazing! really. mouthgasmic flavors unlike anything i’ve had recently and all we had to do was show up, sit down and be spoiled. what a fantastic way to end a few rather tense, hectic weeks.

so there.

an unplanned mini brain dump.

so how’ve *you* been?