meatless monday fail.

so a week ago i decided i was going to do meatless monday.




there is a reason the mandolin says, “watch your fingers” on the side.

being a blogger/twit, i of course had to document the moment. as my snarky friend/sort-of brother-in-law paul commented to my fb update, “If you stopped to take a photo, then I’m not too worried.” he’s got a point, i suppose. but then he’s not a blogger! 🙂

at the meldene clinic which is the closest medical facility to my house, the doctor on call at 6 in the evening, looked all of about 12. it being valentine’s day, he was dressed in red and white seersucker knee shorts, a red sweater tied around his shoulders, and red loafers. all very fashion forward, but at least it matched the color seeping very determinedly through the soggy paper towel i’d grabbed to (unsuccessfully) staunch the blood.

R1000 and 3 stitches later, i had another SMH story to tell.

and let me tell you from experience, hand and finger injuries suck! ordinary things like brushing your teeth, washing your face, wiping your butt, washing your hair, touch-typing, etc, all become major missions! i’ve had to tie on a rubber glove to do the most mundane things and once i’d stubbed my finger one too many times, the bf helped me fashion a home-made “splint” from a discarded milk carton and white electrical tape. i went to the pharmacy for a finger-guard, but they all seemed to be made for rugby players, so it took some macguivering to save myself the electric shock of pain every time my finger touched something.


it’s still painful, but much better. my make-up artist wasn’t grossed out like everyone else and finally helped me remove the stitches this morning. hopefully it’ll be fully healed soon.

naturally i’ve been feeling sorry for myself with my little injury. then this morning i noticed for the first time that the cable-basher at work (person who makes sure the long camera cables stay out of the camera operator’s way), as a result of a firecracker that went off in her hand 2 yrs ago, is missing half a thumb and forefinger.


i’m so glad my finger is missing only a sliver! though next valentine’s,  rather than splashing spectacular rorschach roses on the kitchen chrome, i’ll make sure i wear red clothing instead. i think i’d prefer to keep my blood on the inside, thanks.