the patient

having a  highly impatient 4 legged patient has made life interesting indeed.

of course the little bitch promptly pulled out here stitches. result of which: she got a cone which made her walk into walls, into the back of my  legs, into the door-jambs and the bed. she nearly strangled herself twice when  she felt she had to save me from drowning (long story). she’s woken me up countless times with the sound of her licking. and then she started sounding like a carton a day smoker – hoarse and coughing; the most distressing sound.

turns out she came back from the hospital with kennel cough, which thankfully is all but gone. now 2 weeks since her surgery, she seems to think there’s nothing wrong with her. it’s tough to keep her controlled when she wants to go galloping around. i arrive home and she’s virtually bouncing up and down with excitement.

the long and short of it is that this morning i took out the last remaining stitch which has tenaciously resisted her removal efforts and now it’s just a matter of time. she’s allowed to walk for 15 minutes a day for the next 4 weeks and then she has her freedom once again. for now she’s being confined to a room or leashed on the stoep when we’re not home, but give it a minute and she’ll be racing around.

x-rays, mri and operation: roughly R13 000

her fantastic recovery: priceless!

2 months later – reeling and dealing.

today - playing with ways to hide the scars...

today - playing with ways to hide the scars...

i’ve been on hiatus from shooting this week – the second of the 1-week breaks we get per year –  but unlike most of the rest of the cast and crew who have left town, flown to paris, or cape town or mozambique or some exotic locale, i have been right here in johannesburg, basically doing admin. and i’m almost anxious at the thought of getting back to the grind on monday. urgh!

the end of last week saw me with the start of a rather painful infection in my gum, so i was forced to stop procrastinating and get to the dentist – post haste. i had a fantastic dentist in l.a. – devoree prepsky in woodland hills. i would actually sometimes look forward to going to the dentist- fancy that! she could give an injection with the least amount of discomfort i’ve yet experienced from anyone wielding sharp implements in my mouth. i actually on occasion fell asleep in her chair!  so if you’re in l.a. and in need of superb dentistry, give her a call.

anyway, to get back off tangent – so this week entailed long days of what i can only call “dealing”. dealing with the many things i don’t usually get to when i’m in studio every day. all in all about 5 (torturous) hours at the dentist over 2 different days. printing and faxing forms to l.a., gathering tax forms for the local  accountant to get my taxes done so my american accountant can get those taxes done, taking the dogs to the vet for their recurring kennel cough, at least one extended lunch with shirley, one of my favorite people, taxiing the s.o. to and from work (on the other side of town!) while he waits for his car and yes, another check-up with dr CENSORED to assess how my face is recovering.

it’s 2 months today since my laser peel and i still cannot go out without make-up and 50 spf sunblock. the irony is that the hydro-quinone-aqueous cream solution he prescribed, is generally lightening my face, but the tic-tac-toe striations from the hyper-pigmentation refuse to budge. ok, to be honest, they’re sloooooowly fading, but they’re still very much there and still visible even with make-up on.

i can’t say i was too happy about the half hour i was kept waiting beyond my appointment time, but at least this time round, he finally said that he would “fix it”. at last an acknowledgement that there is a problem. i don’t get being made to wait in doctor’s rooms – why is my time any the less important, or costly, than theirs? maybe i should bill them for making me wait…

anyway, the idea is that after i’ve run my 10k next week, i will go in for (i think he called it) fractal-laser treatment which supposedly will lift the hyper-pigmentation. i’m a little apprehensive to have the laser near my face again, but i’m desperate to be able to go without make-up once again.

wish me luck folks.

today - playing with ways to hide the scars...

today - playing with ways to hide the scars...