ascending from hell

so after a week trapped in various permutations of hell, the weekend actually turned out to be pretty awesome. 

i went to a friend, deon maas‘s surprise birthday party.

deon needed a pic for some article, so i grabbed the camera and took this.

here in south africa he is as reviled as american idols’ simon cowell, but i’ve known him as a loyal friend for about 20 years since yeoville in the 80’s. (let me digress for a moment to say that that is still one of the happiest times of my life. living round the corner from rockey street, walking down the block to the deli, fruits and roots, scandalo’s mama’s pizza, elaine’s, popping into various friends’ houses and hanging out for hours. finally buying my own house in the early 90’s – turned out be a disaster, but that’s a story for another time).

partying with the gorgeous lara and amalanka

anyway, pauli, deon’s wife invited a lot of deon’s friends (mostly musicians, writers, actors, media folk) and we all show up early friday night to deon’s great surprise when he arrives. i have the best time i’ve had in way too long (but then the best parties always happen at deon’s house!). i eat spicy oyster shooters, drink WAY too much jaegermeister and have awesome conversations with some people i’ve met before, but really connect with for the first time. there’s live music from a few of the musicians and an awesome time is had by all. i hear afterwards that the last people left at 9a.m.

saturday we go to paputsi’s for breakfast, in the afternoon we watch the disastrous match between south africa and new zealand and in the evening we head over to montecasino for the madame zingara aphrodisia media night.

unfortunately i wake up sunday not feeling much better. we take the dogs to the park for an hour and a half and muzzling chai makes a huge difference. no more dog fights and we get to let him and zee run around and swim in the dam. it’s a real dog morning. when we get home we give them a much needed bath and i end up smelling like wet bitch! later i give my neglected garden some attention and then it’s back to the couch and the olympics. (though every time i watch athletics, it surprises me that sprinters seem to slow down BEFORE they cross the finish line, rather than maintain their speed all the way. i wonder why. and i’m bummed that my running icon from the local track, maria mutola, didn’t medal. she’s still awesome though, her 5th olympics at the age of 35. go maria!) 

anyway, all in all, my butt is still feeling some heat as the flames lick up from hades, but i think i’m going to be ok. it feels like i’m on the way up.