ipadding around the apple orchard…

i haven’t mentioned it before, but i’ve written a few articles for a south african site called GirlGuides. we get various electronics/games/software to review, etc. and it’s aimed at women, written by women. below is my “snap-shot” review for my recently acquired ipad2.


Have I mentioned I love gadgets? And that I especially love gadgets made by a certain company signified by that object of sin, the Apple of knowledge?

Little did I know when I took that first bite almost 20 years ago that I would be exiled forever from anything PC, that I was confining myself (willingly) to the apple orchard for all eternity.

And all this preamble is merely to tell you that I – FINALLY – got my hands on that elusive object of desire, that holy grail of gadgets, the iPad2.

I could not wait to get this little beauty out of it’s very secure packaging. It really is gorgeous! I opted for black, rather than the white one, though more about why in the full review. I also went with the 64gb, wi-fi, 3G version, though already after 48 hours I realized that I don’t need the 3G option – I can up my data bundle on my iPhone4 and use the personal hotspot function instead.

I hate to admit that as a wanna-be geek I did not know that the iPad doesn’t have a USB port (covers head in embarrassment). I had originally planned to use the iPad to catch up on series in my dressing-room in-between scenes, using a memory stick, so imagine my chagrin when I perused the tablet from all angles to find no ports except those for the headphone, sim and charging. Shhhh….. Don’t tell anyone!

For what DO I plan to use the iPad? Seriously, I was less than impressed when a friend who owns the first generation, stated that he thought it was a white elephant. Realistically though, so far I’m not sure that the iPad will serve a purpose not already covered by my iPhone4. I’ll have to get back to you on that though. Watch this space!

hipster matic

exmi, that bb slut, temporarily came to her senses and started using an iphone. ok, so she was only reviewing it, stupid woman, but while she was, she turned me onto a really cool iphoto camera app, called hipstamatic. it instantly makes any shot you take look supercool. sort of  artsy-like.  it’s like having an analogue camera right in your phone and it’s made me start playing with images again.

my friend deon's son, gerrad. i've known him since he was 3.

deon da devil. we've been friends going on 20 yrs.

cluster fuck.

yes, it was a damned good party!!! 🙂

amazing fig heart. food made with love.

chai, the spca special - operative word being special.

zee, surveying what she believes is her domain.

huge koi fish at my accountant's. they're gorgeous, though after survivor it's difficult not to think of them as food! 😉

pretty cool, don’t you think? only problem is that i’m using it in my iphone 3g which has been upgraded to ios 4 – what a disaster, my phone has slowed to a crawl. each app takes forever to open and it takes at least 15 seconds inbetween pictures. very annoying. can’t wait for the iphone 4 to finally arrive in s.a.

my precioussss!