out of range

man, you go out of cell-phone range for 48 hours and the world as you know it turns upside down!

that’s what happened this week-end when i went to the spring equinox gathering/awake festival at rustlers valley. as we stopped to refuel at a gas-station a few hours into the journey back, the first thing that slammed into my field of vision was the sunday times headline, “MBEKI OUT”. our country is now without a president. you know, like a chicken without a head. we live in very interesting times indeed. i wonder what all those people who said they would leave the country if/when zuma, mr showerhead himself, becomes president, are going to do now. 

cartoon by the brilliant zapiro


i think you’d better start packing guys… 

last time i went out of cell-phone range for an extended period during burning man 2005, new orleans was devastated by hurricane katrina. let’s hope south africa can withstand this particular hurricane and that we’re still standing when the political crossfire dies down and we have a president with, at most, a standard 3 education (that’s grade 5, folks).

let’s hope mr tutu is wrong and RSA doesn’t become BRSA – the banana republic of south africa…