a few more random things about me

in the interests of TMI, here’s a bit more about me, me and me. 😉

  1. almost 20 yrs ago now, i bit into the apple and the tree of knowledge spoke to me. it said, you shall *never* own a pc. and i never did.  it all started circa the early 90’s with a little grey brick laptop with a b/w screen and i’ve never looked back.
  2. i love gadgets. OMG! do i love gadgets. any gadget. all gadgets. ok, so maybe i’m not so much a fan of the battery operated butterfly, but all things electronic? mine! no wonder i have so many obsolete gadgets lying about. ipad 2 – i wantsssessss!!!
  3. when i  was about 15 i had a fall off my brother’s bicycle that left me leary of them till about 10 yrs ago – i drove a motorcycle, but i wouldn’t touch a bicycle. my bag slipped off my shoulder and into the front spokes, sending me catapulting spectacularly over the handle-bars. i hit my head so hard that when i sat up, through a grey haze i could see 2 of everything venn-diagramming into each other. i’m sure that slight concussion explains everything.
  4. i never learnt to type at school. when i was growing up, typing-class was something you did so that you could become a secretary. and i was never going to be a secretary. then in 1993 a friend told me that there was this thing called the internet and that i would love it. she was so convinced that she gave me an amiga for which i found a screen at a yard-sale, after which i spent a month doing a program learning to touch-type. one of the best things i ever did.
  5. the same friend taught me some rudimentary html and i’ve been building my own websites ever since. badly, but still. maybe it’s time i learnt a little more. or follow the curve and *outsource*.
  6. i can whistle like a goat-herd. or like i grew up on the street-corner. i was about 37 when i decided that it was a skill i absolutely had to acquire, so i practiced till i got it right. now i surprise most people as i split their ear-drums. i think every woman should be able to type. and whistle.
  7. i’m an ACE-certified (american council on exercise) fitness instructor. i used to teach hip-hop and cardio-kickboxing classes at l.a. fitness in l.a. i had an awesome, fit body back then. i just didn’t know it. 😦
  8. i only started smoking when i was 21 – and let’s just say that it wasn’t the first thing i ever smoked! fortunately i was smart to kick the dreadful habit. in fact i did it a number of times, but i did it for good in 1997. funny, i hated the smell on my fingers, my hair, clothes and everything, but i still occasionally have a fantasy of lighting a cig.  i think what i liked most about smoking was that it disguised my social ineptitude. i could put a live coal between me and the rest of the world and very few people were willing or brave enough to push beyond those boundaries. i still miss that sometimes.
  9. i only really started drinking alcohol at about 35. but i’m sure i’ve been making up for those years of abstinence.
  10. i only met my biological dad and my 4 half-siblings when i was 14. strange.


so there. tell me more about you.


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