if this blog were my child, it would be in the custody of protective services by now and i’d be charged with some serious neglect.
my life is in such overdrive right now that i have almost no online time. i’ve been seriously MIA on the interwebz and that’s not about to change.
things that have been happening:

  1. after all that hoo-hah about being self-employed a few months ago, i went to the states for 2 months, came back and promptly got re-employed till february 2011. yes, folks, i’m back on contract and jennifer adams rides/wields her stethoscope again. whatever, after a short stint in the “buiteland” i’m back in “binnelanders” and on your tv nightly at six.
  2. my clothing line, sass designs has been launched. stock will soon be available at “burgundy fly” in maponya mall, soweto (i was psyched that my first order came from soweto – the place to be!), “koco bino” in sandton city  (so stoked!) and an exclusive boutique near you. i’ve been getting no sleep trying to keep all the balls in the air, but i’m trusting that it’ll all pay off.
  3. i’m about to leave for an unknown destination for about a month on a truly big adventure and much as i’m bursting to tell you about it, i’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement which strictly forbids me to say anything! ack!!! you’ll probably read about it in the sunday papers and the tabloids soon though. suffice to say that my life will be even more off-line for the next month than it’s been lately. no cell or interwebz access to say the least.

ok, that’s it in a nutshell. and hopefully this’ll keep protective services at bay for a little while. i’m a good mom blogger, i really am! 😉