day trippers

day-ay-ay-trippers……sunday drivers yeah…that was us this past weekend on our little jaunt to mountain sanctuary park in the magaliesberg.

it was so  awesome to be out of the city – i’d probably have taken a thousand pix for your edification, if it wasn’t that the bf had annoyingly (yet again!) taken the memory card out of the camera and not replaced it when he was done. i was focussing the camera on a beautiful cactus when the message flashed – “out of memory” – i actually screamed out loud in sheer frustration. it took a momentary (make that 10 minute) time-out to get over my annoyance.

same thing happened the other day at the previously post-poned photo-shoot. i was about to take a few behind the scenes pix as a record of the shoot, when i got the same “out of memory” message. how absolutely f#$%ing annoying! so no, i don’t have any pix to show you from that. 

yesterday, however, i did figure out that my camera has a very limited amount of inbuilt memory and that i could erase the few pix on it and take a few more. which is what i did.

the rock formations in the park are awe-inspiring. you glance around and see huge chunks which have sheared precisely off of a larger chunks. everywhere it looks like giants have been playing at lego, piling pieces in creatively precarious layers. strewn everywhere on the ground are  pieces of rugged rose quartz and when you make the steep climb down to the river, you are met by crystal clear rock pools beckoning from below. slabs along the river make perfect spots to sun yourself  and once we’d made our way back after our hike and unpacked our picnic, nobody was inclined to leave any time soon.

in deference to my skin recovering from my recent disastrous laser peel,  i spent most of the day looking like i was wearing a burka – i had my scarf draped and tucked in such a way that only my sunglasses were showing. and then i had my hat (which has, proudly,  been to burning man and back) on top of that! under that i had a layer of 50SPF sunblock, on top of which i added foundation, just to make sure my hyper-pigmentation didn’t get any worse. and it seemed to work!

we ended the day dusty and tired and absolutely determined to get back there as soon as we can. can’t wait!