spring back

it’s september 1st. spring day in south africa, but not like you’d know it. johannesburg is blustery and cold, even while the sun scans an icy eye from overhead. cape town is awash in one of the worst storms in 10 years and kwa-zulu natal is going up in flames.

maybe we should rather stick to the american tradition of celebrating the change of season on the solstice. i think i’ll wait till september 21st to declare that winter is over, even though i did wear a frightfully floral summer dress today (and i don’t often wear dresses). it really wasn’t a conscious nod to our supposed spring day, though, just convenient. i think spring sprang right back from whence it came, soon as it felt the icicle wind mean-spiritedly wielding itself.

addendum: seeing that the doctor has banned me from outdoor running while i recover from my sinus infection, i found myself in my living room tae-bo-ing to a billy blanks dvd. how peculiar, when i used to go to his classes in l.a. and would never have considered buying a dvd! now i’m on the other side of the world, seeing the same people i used to exercise with right here in my living room.

odd. awed. – depends how you pronounce it.

time for bed – brain falling aslee…….zzzzz