this morning i looked over my twitter timeline of the past week, not that there was much of it – roughly a tweet a day, but boy, it’s one long bitch-fest. one tweet at a time.

Having a super kak morning. Thank you for asking.11:15 AM Mar 24th via Echofon

can’t say i’m any more enamored with today than i was with yesterday….9:37 PM Mar 25th via TweetDeck

so looking forward to seeing the ass-end of this week. yeah, yeah. ray of sunshine. i know.6:14 AM Mar 26th via TweetDeck

and so forth, and so forth, etc, etc. and my last blog post wasn’t exactly a feel-good piece of prose either!

so i’d love to say, ok, moving right along, but i can’t say that i feel *much* better, yet i don’t have to subject all of you to my bile,  do i?

though actually, i lie. i do feel better. i had a very productive morning. finally met with a new accountant setting up my vat registration for sass designs. after an uncharacteristically short morning at the studio, had a session with my trainer despite my tweaked back, went on a mini shopping-spree which ranged from acquiring new carpets to rather goth looking high-rise heels from aldo ( i love me some aldo)

So much of awesomeness,  except I just discovered this... 1/2

and that definitely lightened my mood a tad.

and now, despite the impending thunderstorm, i’m taking my car to the car-wash, mainly to get rid of the months’ of dog hair on the inside. i think that will make me feel better as well. and then i’m getting some yummy carrot-cake from the service station.

so there! things are not quite so bleak. as my friend trudy says in her blog,

There’s no such thing as bad weather,…, only inappropriate clothing.

guess i’m just inappropriately clothed for this bad weather and  needing a major change of attitude, a mind-shift. so i think i’ll get my mind out of it’s shi(f)t* and let it run around naked…

see, i’m shifting already!

*shift; a woman’s straight, unwaisted dress.