say it loud…

saturday was joburg pride, the annual celebration of all things queer in jozi. more than 20 000 people congregated to rejoice in being “born this gay”, the theme for this year, and i’m proud to say that i was there for the duration! my friend ernst picked me up around 08h30 (i’d managed to get vip passes and a parking pass for the day and we were admonished to get there before the hordes) and it was 7pm at least before i made it back home.

i wasn’t really in the mood for dressing up, but the bf insisted that i had to wear something fun. i’d made the stripy pants earlier in the year, but never had an occasion to wear them, so i made the top to match and went for a monochromatic look.

the zoo lake sport’s club looked a little different to the way it did last week for slutwalk – the difference in the amount of money that goes into the planning certainly shows!what a day, what a day! i have a new camera and i’m still very much learning my way around it, but i got decidedly snap-happy. i put a lot of the pix up on my fb profile, but here are a few, some of which i’ve cropped or edited somehow.
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