the chermans are coming…

i start shooting a movie today for the first time since i moved back here from the states. a german movie. and no, not porn, as some of my snarky friends, remarked. pffft!

in the midst of my life being overtaken by all things slutwalk and finishing a huge emotional story-line on the soap, i got an audition for this movie.

the way things usually work, i’m never available to go for auditions because i’m shooting. turns out i was available. the call-back was the next day, a saturday. which meant that i was free to go. the director spent about 45 minutes with me doing scenes forward and backward, in english, in afrikaans, crying, angry, etc.

then i heard not a word from them for 3 entire weeks during which i decided that if it was meant to be, it would. finally they got back to me with an offer and the dates they’d be shooting and unbelievably, it’s at a time when my character is out of the story on the soap which is my day-job!

obviously this is meant to be. so i’m off to the magaliesberg to go and sob next to a graveside. the movie is for now, called “lion girl”. and it’s bizarre – the german  cast speaks german, the south african cast speak english or afrikaans and then we get dubbed. i’m going to try the impossible, and do my dialogue in german. if my german 101 doesn’t forsake me.

so, look out for the lion girl, coming soon to a german tv screen – very far from you! 😉

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