this blows

man, sinus infections suck. or should i say blow? or rather, drip? or all of the above?

i should know by now that i get chronic sinus infections in winter and especially when i fly. and that’s exactly what happened. a few days after i flew back from cape town last week, i realized that the tight feeling in my chest was probably the beginning of me coming down with something. because i’ve been here before and i know how ill i can get from it, i promptly went to the doctor. walked out of the pharmacy with another R1500 weighing down my credit card.

fast-forward 4 days and i was worse! i felt like i had glass shards in my chest and razor blades in my throat despite taking my meds religiously and using saline flushes. i was beginning to have flashbacks to last year when i felt like i was dying. and of course, right now i have a big storyline starting at work and you know the old adage, the show must go on. so i sneeze and coughe and blow my way through my scenes. i finally had to give in and start a course of cortisone and a second antibiotic. i always say no to cortisone because it makes me incredibly puffy which looks terrible on screen, but it really has made all the difference. everone who’d been so concerned at work,  commented on the fact that i look better today. i guess i was looking like the walking dead the past few days.

of course now it feels like i have a head and lungs filled with glue, but at least i know it’s a sign that i’m getting better. so, if you haven’t been felled by something yet this winter, try to keep it that way. up your intake of vitamin c, wash your hands and keep your immune system strong.

i really wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

5 thoughts on “this blows

  1. Oh I am feeling so sorry for you. I have resorted to physio for sinus – but be sure to find one that does acupuncture too. I tell you, instant relief! You have to go a few times, but it really really works without all those meds.

  2. For me, feeling like I have a velcro tennis ball lodged in the back of my throat is the first sign of pending bronchitis! Luckily I’ve only been really sick once this winter.
    Touch wood.

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