falling down on the job…

it seems the opinion of some people at work is that i’m accident-prone. now why ever would they think such a thing?!  😉  though i guess,  looking at the statistics, i can’t really refute that.

since i started working on binnelanders (we won’t even go into what happened before!), here’s the impressive  list of things i’ve been through:

  • about 6 months after i started, driving down the road, i got a shot-gun pellet in the eye. long story. major impact on shooting. court case. still have the shot-gun pellet in my eye-lid.
  • during the break between season 1 and 2, back in the states, out in the desert, a friend gave me some water out of what turned out to be a dirty container. wound up in hospital on morphine after a week of gastro. had pig’s-feet playboy-bunny hallucinations. don’t ask.
  • a few years ago, i decided that i needed to get a laser peel. yes, vanity, thy name is… you’ve probably read the posts and seen the (pretty gross) pix. huge disaster. burnt, puffy, puss-y face. hyper-pigmentation to this day. couldn’t shoot. major impact on shooting.
  • a crew member tried to *crack* my back, sent my intercostal muscles into spasm and left me curled up on the floor unable to breathe. ER, lots of pain.
  • lost my contact lens in my eye and in the search for it,  burst a blood vessel. had to wear glasses as disguise.
  • moved my seat in a restaurant, not realizing the chair was broken and got my  finger caught between the seat and the frame. major, unbelievable pain, blood all over  the table. probably needed stitches. took months to heal. scarred for life.
  • visited a new friend’s house, and walked into his glass coffee-table (long story, i was sober, but had a pretty darn good excuse to get sloshed after). gash below my knee. should have gotten stitches. scarred for life.
  • sliced the tip of my little finger off while cooking valentine’s dinner. ER, stitches, expensive, sore. result, missing about 3mm.
  • huge bruises and scratches down my thigh from being dragged down the road by my dog on my s-ass! not impressed.
  • hula hoop in eye resulting in a burst blood vessel which made me look like a demon. major issues shooting. editors having to paint in hundreds of frames. still have scenes to re-shoot, making me less than popular at work.

so it would seem that they may be right. irony is, most of the above was way beyond my control.

i drove a motor-cycle for 5 yrs before i even drove a car, and for the first 6 months i had about 5 accidents involving no one, but myself and i still have the scars to show for it. after the last one i just decided that that was that. i was done with having accidents and i never had another. unless you count the motorcycle being stolen as an accident!

so, seems it’s about time i made that decision again. enough’s enough. i’ll try to keep my ass off the asphalt, and no more  pokes in the eye with a sharp stick!

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