i’m not superstitious.

at least i don’t think so.

i only *sometimes* toss a pinch of salt over my shoulder if i spill some. i don’t cross the road if i see a black cat – unless he’s cute, then i might cross the road to meet him! 😉 . i don’t go out of my way to avoid walking under ladders, i sometimes put my shoes on the bed and as far as i know it hasn’t caused anyone to die. i don’t wilfully break mirrors (they’re damned expensive!), but if i do, i don’t let it freak me out and i certainly don’t expect 7 years of misfortune.

so no, i do not suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia. otherwise known as fear of friday the 13th. i don’t believe that i am any more likely to encounter a mishap today than i am on any other random day of the week. i’m more likely to pull the duvet over my head when mercury turns retrograde because i’ve learnt from experience that there’s sh*t, there’s a fan and the one will hit the other when the messenger’s planet starts backing up. but friday the 13th? nah…

imagine my surprise when i woke up this morning, friday the 13th,  as my cleaning lady arrived. i’d overslept for the first time in 5 years!!! i had half hour to jump in the shower and get to work and when i caught sight of my face in the bathroom mirror, i had to call the production manager post-haste and see if she could postpone my first scene till later in the day.

i looked like a bergie, my eyes and  face swollen and puffy, my fingers like sausages, my entire body feeling as if someone had mistaken me for a balloon and blown me up. and i have no idea what caused it. maybe the mix of antibiotics, cough-syrup and cortisone nasules. it took preparation h, a few ice-packs,  some caffeinated eye-cream and all my make-up artist’s expertise to make me look like a doctor and not a cape town streetwoman. thanks, elzette!

it probably has nothing to do with friggatriskaidekaphobia, but funny that it should happen today. don’t you think?

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