money for nothing!

this really has been the most insane month in terms of random and not so random expenses. my credit card has once again been doing all kinds of mind-boggling acrobatics and gymnastics to keep up with the many directions in which it’s  had to stretch and with each major expense my spirits seem to plummet along with my bank balance:

herewith, rounded off,  a not-complete list of of what’s made me go OMG! OMG!!!

fixing the roof now that it’s no longer monsooning: R11 000

unexpected car repairs (as my odometer rolled over 100 000km): R7000

the dying microwave finally being replaced: R1000

long overdue insulation and new skylight: R9000

replacing the busted pressure regulator on the geyser: R1000

medical expenses: R7000

new shower stall plus tiling: R7000

replacing the annual gas stove cannisters: R600

yes, my credit card is stretched so far that it’s about to snap back with a nasty sting. and then, unfathomable as it may seem, this has also been the month where i’ve given up my moratorium on clothes shopping and decided that i need to wear something other than sass designs or thrift store finds. ouch. i dunno. blame it on the world cup that i have a renewed fetish for adidas firebird track pants. or maybe it’s just my fat s-ass. *shakes head*

and oh yes, did i mention  the vacuum cleaner died and needs to be replaced? can you hear that whooshing sound of more money being sucked from my fast depleting coffers?!  damn, it’s going to take months to recover from this one! anybody need some voice-overs or mc-ing? or a new dress? hmn, will fire-dance for a new vacuum….

think i’m going to stand on the street-corner with a sign that says, “HELP!!! NEED TO PAY MY CREDIT CARD BILLS!”

yup, money for nothing! that’s all i’ve got left! :/

(and on that happy note, have a good weekend everybody. see summa y’all at the AngGlugWedding tomorrow!)

4 thoughts on “money for nothing!

  1. totally hear you.

    varsity bills outstanding: R5000
    traffic fines: R1400
    fridge that needs to be replaced: more than i can afford.

    AGH. am stopping there. too depressed now.

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