june 16th/ke nako

today is youth day here in south africa. june 16th.

though a lot of blood was spilled and many young lives were lost in order to get to the present, for many today is no more than a public holiday, a day off from work, a day to party. last year  i wrote a post about the historical significance of this day, but seeing as south african is hosting the soccer world cup  and our team has the country’s spirits at an unusual high and everyone is at fever-pitch with excitement over tonight’s game against uruguay, all i’ll say this year is, GO BAFANA BAFANA!!!

it’s interesting that for decades the word most associated with south africa, was apartheid. now it’s vuvuzela!  amazing how support of the green and gold is unifying the country in a way very little else has in a long time. i even made a bafana-colored hula hoop today and then did some photoshop.

yebo, ke nako! it is here!

and everybody seems to be feeling it.

and i want to thank everyone who helped to make our flag fly free and made it possible for us to be so proud to fly it.

edited thursday night:

so we were shot down! kinda appropriate for june 16th, but you know what, the boys don’t need our support as much when they’re doing well. now is when we need to back them, so i’ll say it again, “GO BAFANA BAFANA!!! SHOW DEM!!!”

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