all go for goa

my little corner of the blogosphere has been sadly neglected in the last while, maybe because there’s been too much going on in my head which i haven’t wanted to share publicly. perhaps i just needed to process in silence for a minute. or maybe the poems which have been pouring out of me have been too incendiary for immediate publication. just possibly… i’ve also been questioning what, in a personal blog like this which is really just a public journal, needs to stay private, and what should be revealed.

there’s been so much. ending the work year playing out love scenes at work while dealing with my own relationship ending.  losing my iphone after one month during a wild night out with the girls. a visit to an awesome energy reader which shifted a lot of things in my head. feeling an endless expansion and contraction in a somewhat discordant dance with one another. wow, i’m sounding suddenly so introspective, though i think the dance is becoming much more in step. but it’s all good. including a no-expectations dinner with a tall man i might actually like to get to know better….

from the skye   13 dec 2008

i trudge through the dark

in a storm that will not budge

to meet a tall man
fallen from the skye.
i have not at all any expectations
and to my delight i am surprised
when there is but the slightest
mutual spark.
my footsteps are so much lighter as i leave.
the sky is clearing…
i do believe what’s on my face
just might be a smile.
i hope it stays a while….

but that will all have to wait for the new year, because tomorrow  morning, after a few weeks of running round organizing passports and visas, i get on a plane to mumbai. and then almost immediately on a plane which takes me to goa to meet my good friend crystal for 3 weeks of no expectations except rest, relaxation, yoga and play. i can’t wait to see who i’ll be when i get back…

“The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”

Emily Dickinson.

my soul is ajar – i’m ready for ecstasy.

a happy holiday season to everyone. nary a crisp mouse and some trippy new gear……

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