here be dragons…

a few days ago a friend sent me one of those pps forwards – you know the ones. beautiful, but seriously twee pictures of landscapes and animals with sayings and aphorisms which have been making the rounds and clogging up the web since it’s inception. i usually  skim through them and delete. 

though right before i hit the delete button, a saying caught my eye.

sometimes not getting what you want, is the biggest stroke of luck.

it stopped me short, like an arrow hitting the bull’s eye or a stone dropped into a still lake and rippled through me with a knowing which vibrated true. just like the other aphorisms, 

be careful what you want, you just might get it. 

if you do not change the direction you are heading, you just may end up where you’re going

well, the direction i’ve been heading in has been seriously changed and i’m heading into uncharted territory.

here be dragons…dragon

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