soweto marathon/10k – nov 2, 2008

i said if i never run again, it would be too soon, didn’t i?

famous last words!

well, i signed up for the soweto 10k this coming sunday (never mind that i’ve only run once since the spar 10k 2 weeks ago!). it coincides with the exact date of my husband’s 10th year of sobriety and though we’re happily separated, i’m still really proud of him, so there’s an added incentive. besides the fact that i haven’t been to soweto since before i moved to the states and this seems like a good reason. and yes, i wouldn’t mind a soweto 10k medal! 

i twisted my journalist friend, teresa’s arm and so i will actually have a running partner, this time round (see, i’m not the only mad-woman around!). fingers crossed.

i’ll keep you posted, folks!

2 thoughts on “soweto marathon/10k – nov 2, 2008

  1. Good luck with the race. My level is the 5km Walk the Talk LOL

    Congrats on getting on the Afrigator Top 45 list, was a great surprise to me that I made it.

  2. thank you! can’t i made it either – though admittedly i barely squeaked on! 🙂
    and ironically, my level is probably also the 5k walk the talk! i don’t even really like running. i must have a thinly disguised masochistic streak!

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