incurably creative

i am a creatrix. i love making things, crafting something out of little bits of nothing. in fact, i sometimes describe myself as  incurably creative.

i’ve realized i’d be happiest spending my days in a warehouse stocked full of raw materials, ecstatically crafting like a little elf, constantly coming up with some new creation.

i’ll spend days photoshopping an image, sketching something, building a website, sewing some new creation with absolutely no pattern (it get’s really interesting, folks!) knitting countless beanies or scarves or whatever, making hooping or flagging videos, making my fire-tools, making and taping hoops, making flags for some irish singer on the other side of the world, sculpting clay or words, writing songs on my guitar or making jewellery. yes, jill of many trades, mistress of…well, some. 

so imagine my delight when i came across this little video from a kindred soul, called 17 things i’ve made.

and this video takes it even further. 

i’m inspired. i think i’ll have to submit something. why don’t you?

something lovely beckons…

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