laser peel recovery- 7 weeks later

it’s exactly 7 weeks today since i had my laser peel.

ironically, while i was looking at the pix i’ve taken to document this process and thinking about writing this post, i got a call from the office where i had it done to schedule a check-up appointment.

2 days ago i had just gotten into my car and turned on the radio, when i heard them talking about skin procedures and giving out the number for CENSORED. unfortunately, the program was just ending or i must admit, i would have called up and given them my for-inflation-adjusted-2-cents!

a few weeks ago i bumped into wealthy social butterfly, CENSORED while doing the scheb shlep at the “you spectacular”and we had a quick talk about our different experiences. she says she had nothing but positive results.

i cannot say i share her views. i’m exceedingly unhappy with the experience i went through, and the more time passes, the more so. i’m still extremely scarred, my formerly smooth (and taken for granted) skin is still striated and hyper-pigmented and i dare not venture out into the sun without 50spf sunblock and thick foundation – i, who used to not wear foundation except when filming. i use hydroquinone like religion every night and i suppose the lines are fading slowly, but almost 2 months later i should be radiant and flaunting my fantastic results. instead i cannot go without make-up (more like camouflage) and on the rare occasions when i have gone out in public with a naked face, i’ve had to not mind people’s questioning looks or my friends’ horrified exclamations. i cannot resume my running on the track without looking like a weird michael jackson wannabe in pseudo burka as i have to pull my buff all the way up over my face to protect it against the sun.

it’s  been hell and i certainly would not recommend it. really. i’m sure you’ll get glowing reviews from other people, but not from me. consumer, beware. there is a reason they make you sign that waiver form.

a candid no make-up shot from before the peel. look at the quality of my skin.

a candid shot pre-peel

now this is what i'm left with, 3 weeks post peel

+- 1 month post peel

today - sept 25 - 7 weeks post peel

6 thoughts on “laser peel recovery- 7 weeks later

  1. Oh no honey! hugs. It looks like it’s getting lighter at least. Maybe hopefully soon it’ll completely fade and your skin will be back to a better condition.

  2. Hello.The same thing happened to me but not from a laser.From terrible burns from wax on my arms.It looks exactly the same.I feel like a cow.Only way to explain.For my face I am having the VI peel done this week.Search google for before and after pics.I too have dark skin and everything has drastically torn up my face.What used to be radiant beautiful skin also now has to be covered up w/make-up just to make me feel somewhat normal.I have been into the field of cosmetology for over 10 years and after yrs. of first hand take outs of glycolic and micro peels, my skin is like an alien to me.It is extremely sensitive.Hope this info. helps you.My sister is a doc and also performs the peels and laser.The laser they did wasn’t the type you needed.Unfortunately some docs only want your money:(

  3. I just came across your blog….i was not shocked. I had a peel done by that man. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE! He left the room half way through, left the peel on for to long, and burnt me. I never even went back for a follow up, I was just so disgusted. A friend of mine also had this done, with the same results. He will recommend the most expensive treatement so he can get money out of you. He convinces you (I had no idea how these these work) that you have to have this done, and then still expects you to buy over-priced products (mine came to over R5000). I went to another doctor who was kind enough to help fix my skin. She to also informed me that he does have a reputation in the medical field. Unfortunately, some doctors only want you money……

  4. I really appreciate you ladies putting this information out there on the Web for the rest of us. At least we are able to read of other peoples experiences and make informed decisions for ourselves.

  5. I had a micro laser peel done 24 days ago. I was told 3 days recovery with a slight red sundburned face. Ha! First week I looked like this frankenstein thing (red line down my cheek, red football looking spots under my eyes, and the swelling!). I now can barely hide the red marks and have to wear thick foundation and you still see the marks. None of these risks were told to me. I didn’t sign a waiver form but was told there were no risks with a 20 micro peel-NONE. I have dealt with horrible comments from family and friends. I have tried to hide my face in public and can only now feel like my foundation hides enough I can not be as self-conscious. My complexion wasn’t bad before so I feel guilty but shouldn’t because I had looked online and all sites said little or no risks-and the spa said no risks. I was given no pre-treatment instructions at all. I am seeing another doctor and he is not sure what to think but I am just so upset and very angry at teh lack of care to warn me-this procedure should only be done in worst case scenarios. A patch should be treated first. You should be given pre-treatment instructions. Don’t do this if you don’t want to deal with all this. I am fair skinned-not olive skinned. I just want my old face back.

    • i’m so sorry you also had to go through this nightmare. it’s more than a year now and mine is looking much better, but there are still hyperpigmentation marks. have patience. it will (eventually) get better.

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