puppet on a string

wow, i can’t believe i haven’t blogged all week. not like i don’t have anything to say (hey, i’m an actress – saying stuff is how i earn my living!)- i just haven’t gotten round to it. late to bed, early to rise. this week has worn me out – and here i am, again, still up after midnight, even though this is supposed to be my sleeping in weekend. tomorrow morning there is this wonderful plan to be up at 7 in order to head out to mountain sanctuary park and actually spend the day outside of the city. what a concept. however, the red bull i drank earlier in the evening in order to stay awake, is still doing it’s job.


so one day this past week, we were busy plotting a scene (i.e. the director says, “on this line, you move here, then you say that, then you sit down, then you get up on that word…etc”), and i suddenly had this flash about how bizarre my job is. there we are in make-up, costume, being directed – marionettes on strings. lift your arm, nod your head. laugh. cry. cut! 

Expressive painting project

image copyright patricia jessup

and then the moment passed.

i lifted my arm, i nodded. 

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