sometimes i just shake my head…

on the way to work this freezing morning, i spot a young woman walking along the sidewalk. she’s (just barely) dressed in a black mini, her legs sickly pale in pointy-toed stilettos. on the top, however, she’s wearing a thick pink padded jacket, it’s fur lined hood pulled almost over her eyes, obscuring her vision. people on the sidewalk stare. another frozen fashion victim.

on set i have to fake preparing a meal. in one pot is pale coffee colored water, another is prit-stiked to the stove. it seems we now have a food sponsor, so i have to do product placement while trying to get my lines out and hit my mark. prick now, pray later, says the director.

the baby we have to use is prickly and in no mood. as soon as the cameras roll, it cries through all the scenes and we have to improvise and try to make our dialogue work. somehow we get through it.

strange thing – in the past month i’ve gotten a few freebee’s, you know, schwag, from charity events i’ve attended. one of the other actresses and i decide to use our spa vouchers this coming sunday. i’ve been making the various calls and as she leaves, we talk about getting in touch about the final arrangements. we decide that if i send her an email, i will first send her a text message to let her know to check her e-mail.

sometimes i just shake my head…

happy weekend everybody! stay away from rabbit holes!

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