round 1…

and so it begins.

some people may still be  bikini-clad, contaminating our beaches with their sugary drinks whose miniature umbrellas are solely responsible for the deforestation of the southern hemisphere. for others, 2010 is demanding that the piper be paid. monday has dawned in a familiar haze of blue, alarm clocks  jangled the last nerve, snooze buttons have been worn out, work clothes finally sardined into, desks reluctantly wo(manned).

i’m fortunate that i’ve got somewhat of a reprieve: my work-week only starts tomorrow. though being somewhat of a (reluctantly -confessed) procrastinator, i’ve been spending the morning cleaning up, making beds, doing laundry, doing admin, etc. desperate last-gasp catch-up.

some things i didn’t get to this holiday:

  • i neglected to read the 35 or so scripts which we start shooting this week. oops!
  • i was doing good keeping off the holiday weight till about 2 weeks ago, but then i lost the final rounds to xmas and new year and i hate to admit, it was a pretty convincing TKO!  damn, do i ever dread my dragon-lady trainer and her reaction when i see her tomorrow!
  • i didn’t manage to retain my vitality gym membership – even though i went probably every 2nd day in december (my many trips out of town earlier in the year might have something to do with that! ) i guess you win some. some you lose.
  • i didn’t get anything on my xmas wish list. 😦 might have helped if i’d shown it to anyone. just a thought.
  • i did not get round to culling my closets (if you could see them, you’d understand why this is dire). they’re like that fat guy you see at the mall, gut spilling out between his too-small, yet whale-sized t-shrt and his sausage-stuffed pants, guzzling his second nandos family pack – on his own. yes, it’s that bad. it’s at the point where the bf and i are fighting about cupboard space. so yes, way overdue. i’ll have to be fearless. the red dress i haven’t fitted into in 5 years, amongst other things, will have to go. sigh…

and that there’s just the tip.

what i did get to do:

  • i got to travel – took a road-trip with the bf.
  • i got to experience the amazing generosity and kindness of almost strangers
  • i met and made wonderful new friends.
  • i got to see and spend time with much-loved old friends.
  • i got to see my family.
  • i saw avatar on imax and in 3d (meh for the latter, blown away by the former)
  • i attended some awesome parties.
  • and even though i blinked and it was over, i got to have a bit of a holiday.

and that, there, is just the tip.

so… head-long, head-first, head-start. come on 2010! 12 rounds you say? show me what you got – there goes the bell for round 1 – let’s go!