It’s Not All Soap

welcome to my whorl!

my name is sandi schultz,

but my nickname (and sometimes attitude) is sass -y.

i’m an actress working on a soap in johannesburg, south africa after living in topanga, los angeles for 12 years. i’ve also started a small clothing line, called sass designs and i teach a monthly hoopdance workshop to mostly adults at the parkhurst recreation centre.

and i’m a burner –

photo: kim ludbrook

if i weren’t here, i’d be at burning man or afrika burn. (i wanna go home!)

the catalyst for this blog is was that i‘ve started a couch to 10k program and hope blogging about it and the other inconsistencies, ambivalences and ambiguities of my life will keep me motivated.

(update 4 july 2012 – that was so long ago that though i did eventually complete a few 10k races, i’m yet again on the verge of starting another couch to 10k).

mostly it seems that i write about whatever’s on my mind. the latest news, my work, my dogs. i’d say i’m seriously facetious! though there is also the serious side of me, which is why i’m the founder of Slutwalk Johannesburg, an annual march protesting sexual assualt and victim blaming.

nobody wants to be the tree falling in the forest or however zen, the sound of one hand clapping, so please, if you’ve made it here, i’d love to hear what you think. leave a comment! i’d love to know who you are.

here’s stuff i wrote about myself on some of my other social networking sites;

i’m contradictory, marvellously idiosyncratic, incurably creative, consciousness expander, sometime couch-potato, isolator, exhibitionist, introvert, feline, leonine, earth-mother, moon-child, demonic angel, angelic demon, eternally immature, preternaturally wise, inarticulate word-smith, funny, serious, conquering sadness, chameleon, phoenix, highly-resistant-yet-open-to-change, hoop/fire/flag-dancer, edge-flyer, one of the whirled/whorled/world, quite straight-forwardly oblique, into playing, not into pain, wryly humerus (yes, i have a funny bone…)

“people don’t stop playing because they grow old. they grow old because they stop playing!” – george bernard shaw

life’s the play-ground – join me!

silhouette hooping

fire hooping

crazy flagging

follow me –

twitter: cybersass

pinterest: sass schultz

20 thoughts on “It’s Not All Soap

  1. yes you are – very creative!
    would love to look at yr youtube things but have nearlyused up my gig of broadband!
    all the best
    your blog banner is beautiful
    all the best to you and your adventures

  2. thank you for your kind words hoh!
    bandwidth… yeah, i sometimes feel i need to make one of those signs people at traffic lights hold up, “will work for bandwidth!”. i feel like i already do!
    (glad you noticed the banner – i had some fun with photoshop.)

  3. Hi Sass!

    Found your site while google searching for people who had Micro Laser Peels.

    My sincere condolences for your unpleasant experience.

    I am planning to have some procedure done to smooth out my skin.
    I so wish I had been told that the sun WILL wrinkle your skin, and to WEAR sunscreen.
    I’ve had to find out the lamenting the reflection in the mirror way. : (

    sigh…what can I say?
    Beauty on the inside is important, but, the outside is too.

    I like your style by the way.
    All jazz and pizazz!

    What’s your sign out of curiosity?
    I’m betting it’s a fire sign.

    You’re a cutie too.
    Just so you know. ; )

    Take care and thanks for sharing of yourself with your fellow human beings.


  4. I’ve been meaning to say for the longest time that this hooping business is the singularly coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and it puts my airplane-wing-danglin’ ass to shame.

    I wanna be you now. If I move to South Africa, you’ll teach me, right?

  5. why thank you miss drea, i’d gladly teach you, but you don’t even have to move to south africa to learn to hoop. there are hoop -classes all over the world and i personally know lots of hoopers are all over canada. go check out and i’m sure you’ll find someone near you!
    go now!

  6. But are you that Sandi Schultz who acted in the last movie of the great master Lucio Fulci, “Doors to Death”, a sort of his spiritual testament? That seems you are.

    Wonderful inerpretation, in a frightening and surreal athmosphere.

    Why don’t you write something about that movie, and your work with Fulci?

    And which were your feelings about incarnating death (you so full of life), our greatest fear?

    • yes, i am, actually. though i had no idea who lucio fulci was at the time. i was a very young and green actress back then. i only discovered his reputation later. and unfortunately he was by then pretty senile and mainly a figure-head.

  7. hi

    howzit……glad that u back & off to some adventure but hopefully we can get in touch some day….with the help of ANGELS…..

    I have been following ur blog cause I got interested in hooping & am in SOUTH AFRICA (Gauteng) ….so have been waiting for u to come back and advise…..

    I am learning on my own thru videos on youtube…. its FUN & difficult but crawling slowly each day……with beautiful bruises…..hahahaha

    So Enjoy whereever u. Life is great…

    take care


  8. I’ve been watching Binnelanders for years and love your character. had no idea how talented you are. Is there anything that you don’t do? I just have to know who does your hair, it is absolutely gorgeous. (my kleerling boskassie het dringend hulp nodig)

  9. Hi there…

    I was thinking of you and thinking what a long time it’s been since we last hung out together, back in Topanga.

    How good to find this lovely blog this evening. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I do hope you’re well and that everything’s going well for you – I suppose I will find out as I read…

    Lots of love to you and I do hope you are enjoying life.

    BTW… if you can’t get to Burning Man, there is an official virtual version in Second Life, “Burn 2.0″… there should be a web site here soon:

    Lots of love,
    –Richard E x

  10. Hey Sass,

    I organise the festival of enchantment, where we met briefly! (Thank you for adding your awesome hooping energy to the drumcircle!)

    I would like to get in touch with you re hooping, and Afrikaburn? Please pop me a mail if you get a gap.


  11. Came upon your site by chance … and wandered back to December 2005 and the hooping in the yoga room. Had no idea you’d uploaded it to YTube. Fabulous to see again. We watched ‘my’ fire ceremony a few nights ago and it was as full of impact, meaning, letting go and life as on 20 January 2006. Bless you.

  12. Hi ek is seker jy gaan baie responces kry, nadat jy verskyn het op Pasella… ek en my ma is mal oor die rok wat die aanbieder gedra het, en ons het gehoor jy verkoop jou ontwerpe online… nie seker waar om te kyk nie… kn ky asseblief dalk help??

  13. Hello my magnificent housemate, hero, friend,

    I remain in humble awe of your on the level honesty, consistency and capability to communicate with consummate clarity and creative contribution.

    May your light shine bright. Every day and every night,

    Hong Kong

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